Weekend Thoughts on Opportunity versus Security

It is absolutely beautiful outside today – sunny and 20 degrees. It’s Sunday afternoon, and while I spent much of yesterday cooking, cleaning, meal planning, and getting groceries, I also spent a good chunk of it sleeping. I felt like I could just sleep all day long. Same thing today – I don’t think I got out of bed until close to 10am, which when you’ve gone to bed at 11pm is A LOT of sleep…

So instead of being outside and helping Adam with all the yard work, I’m barely summoning enough energy to get my laundry done and finish my meal prep for the week. It has me thinking – Am I getting sick, or is this part of a bigger picture to do with not feeling well-rested enough after the weekends?

It feels like I spend my weekends just preparing for the week. It starts with getting my food prepped so that I can actually eat well through the week without having the time to cook a well-rounded meal each night. Then it goes to making sure all my laundry and ironing is done so I don’t have to worry about spending too much time on that through the week either. Then it goes to getting all my *fun* out of the way so that if I’m working too much during the week, it won’t be affected – things like my coaching, fitness training, writing, reading, blogs, etc.

So, the million-dollar question is:

What of all these things do I wish I could do more of on my weekends, or perhaps even during the week?

The honest answer is: All of them (coaching, fitness, nutrition, meal planning, blogging, writing, learning, reading).

The answer that people keep telling me is: Figure out what you want to FOCUS ON, i.e. pick something and go after that alone.

Maybe part of me is scared that by choosing something and going all-in, I’ll miss out on the “what-if” of another thing. Or maybe I’m just very eclectic by nature. Maybe I need many different varied things to keep me feeling well-balanced and fulfilled. Maybe it’s just a disguised version ADD for all things to bettering one’s life – fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, happiness, coaching, mental brain training, motivation, writing, expressing one’s self and always, always learning.

Should I try all these things in succession and see which are worthy of further investment? Perhaps allocating a single weekend to each of these things and see where my head and heart meet on whether the subject suits my goals and dreams?

While all of this reeks of opportunity and new beginnings, I must admit, it is very hard to change, and I am as terrified of what I will discover to be my true passions, as I am excited for the chance to live my dreams.

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