Took a bootcamp class today, didn’t die…

Keep in mind, I am the barre instructor – the one who loves low impact workouts and steady athletic postures, set to music. I love love love my barre3 workouts, and creating them, sharing them with clients and pairing them to music.

But I do also love strength training, and typically just can’t find the time to do it. So, today I put on my big girl pants and got my butt to a strength-based circuit training workout that a friend of mine highly recommended. Conveniently it’s also in Leslieville, where the new barre3 studio is opening tomorrow, so it’s somewhere I could frequent.

I had no idea what to expect, which maybe is a good thing, because if I really knew I might have said – Running, uh, no thank you. But that was part of the warm up, along with lunges, planks and high knees. It did the trick, and luckily the running of the track was only in the warmup and once in the middle of the hour workout. The workout consisted of multiple stations where there were different exercises set up – strength and cardio based to really keep you guessing. I went through 15 different stations twice.

Things moved quickly, and I kind of loved that because it didn’t give my brain time to tell me to quit. When someone is already telling you there’s only 15 seconds left, you think, well that’s not long, I can do THAT. Very clever – short yet intense intervals with tons of variety. You can do anything for 40 seconds.

While the workout was physically quite challenging, and I’m sure I will be sore tomorrow, there was a pivotal moment at exactly the halfway mark that made me dig in a little deeper. In our second run around the track, I started to slow down a bit and head into more of a jog. A woman caught up to me, and stayed beside me for the second half of the lap, encouraging me the whole way back – you got this, almost there girl, come on we can do it, nice work. I hadn’t met this woman at all before class and yet she took time from her workout to keep me motivated and pushing until the end.

There was constant high-fiving between stations, smiles, encouragement and a sense that we were all in this together. I’ve not experienced that level of uplifting behaviour in a class that size (45 people!) and it’s a true testament to the community that was built by this team of trainers.

Thank you kickass woman at Resilience Fitness this morning for carrying me through, sending me light, love and positivity when mine was failing, and showing me how much community really matters.

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