My foray into the world of natural health and beauty products

I’ve been reading a lot lately on ways to detox my own beauty routine, and to be more careful with the products that I consume. I know I’m already sensitive to most things – I have allergies, chemicals and toxins bother me more than most, and I have an autoimmune disease that makes me very cautious about what I eat. On top of that, as a kid I always had sensitive skin and I hated all kinds of perfumes because they gave me headaches.

Now, I’m an engineer, and I’m more than capable of looking up the lists of ingredients in my skincare products, and cross referencing agains known toxins, but to be honest, I just don’t have the time or patience for that. So, how could I shortcut that process and begin to make better choices?

By finding people who have already curated those things, of course! Now, I don’t live downtown and it’s a pain in the butt to get there most days, but my recent affinity for barre classes took me downtown last week (more on that obsession in a future blog post). Right down the street from the barre studio was a Calii Love smoothie joint and this amazing natural health and beauty store called The Detox Market.

I’d heard about this store through an awesome Toronto Wellness blog that I follow on Instagram called @Welltodocanada. They did an event at the store on natural beauty products, and why we should care. I couldn’t make it to the event but I knew I wanted to visit the store, and reading up on it, I found out that they had already selected products based on how natural they were.

I had two goals when I went there:
1. Find a natural deodorant that didn’t make my skin angry
2. Find natural mascara and eyeliner to keep toxins away from my eyes

I think a lot of us know that traditional deodorant has aluminum in it which just isn’t good for us at all and can disrupt our endocrine system. I tried a few natural deodorants that I ordered online but all of them made my skin very very red and angry. Turns out – I can’t do baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). So, enter The Detox Market and a couple wonderful options that I found without baking soda. Hooray! Both work awesome, though the Soap Walla smells better in my opinion. There were even more options in the store – I was impressed.

Additionally, I found a natural mascara and eye liner from a company I’ve used before called 100% Pure, and the coolest thing is they are coloured by black tea – if you know me, you know I’m a tea addict; consider me sold!
It’ll take some getting used to with the liquid eye liner that needs to dry, and the mascara that needs to go on before the eye liner, otherwise my lashes get all stuck together – lessons I’m glad I learned on the weekend. It still looks good though, and I’m sure I can try a couple other brands, maybe each time I’m downtown at the barre3 studio. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely healthier.

The point of all this is to say there are lots of little ways that we can clean up our act – whether it’s making better purchases to detox our lives, choosing to cook healthy meals rather than eat processed food, or buying that reusable pretty water bottle in order to reduce waste.

Being kind to our bodies and our planet is important.
All it takes are a few small changes and decisions.
You only get one place to live.
Take care of it.

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