Learning to Fly right out of my comfort zone

I had to write about this tonight and right away because I am feeling so grateful to even have been offered the opportunity that I am overflowing with joy, excitement and amazement at what I just did.

I flew a WWII airplane with my very own hands.

It was terrifying, exhilarating and absolutely empowering.

I’ve always known and understood the passion men and women have for racing cars and karts, or even just driving spiritedly. I know based on my own experience the thrill to race on the ragged edge, the push the limits, and to be in control of the power that you are driving.

But until tonight I had not known or understood a pilot’s passion.

And even more specifically – an Air Force pilot’s passion and heart.

We flew in formation tonight.

As they would have done in the war, coordinating together and flying side by side into battle. The General explained that they would form up just like this but in the hundreds and head out to battle, together.

While I, a simple civilian, could never understand all that these brave people do for their countries, I could somehow feel at least just a fraction of it today, being in their presence, seated next to the lead in formation, in awe of the skill, confidence, passion, bravery and absolute integrity that they all exude.

It was an absolute pleasure to be in their presence and to experience this once-in-a-lifetime flight. I will forever remember this, and will likely never be the same. Thank you to all the wonderful people who invited me here, who I have met while down here, and who have taught me that life just outside your comfort zone is exactly where you will find your passion and purpose.

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