My current wellness protocol is focused on detox. It’s interesting because I think that some of the time many facets of our life seem to conspire to tell us something of great importance. For me right now, many aspects of my life need less toxicity.

As human beings we are bombarded with toxins – in the air we breathe, on the food we eat, in the creams we slather on our skin, and in the chemicals we may be exposed to in our workplaces or with our hobbies. I’ve been doing all I can to limit these environmental exposures. I eat organic food as much as possible, in order to cut down on the glyphosate and other chemicals used in modern farming practices. I’ve switched to natural beauty and skin products. The workplace and hobby exposure is the one I just can’t seem to fix at the moment.

I grew up around cars, and race cars, and go karts, and mini bikes….
We worked on them, drove them and raced them. We spent hours using or being exposed to chemicals like brake cleaner, fuel, oils and solvents. I now work in that very same industry and while I don’t have near the exposure I used to, I think so sensitive to it now that what little I do breathe in bothers me greatly. So the only thing to do now is work on ways to get that out of my system as quickly as possible. Thank god for the world’s greatest Naturopathic Doctor who is helping me with all of this.

But beyond the obvious environmental toxins, I’ve come to notice that there are other things plaguing my system at the moment, and the parallels are somewhat alarming. There are emotional toxins in life – people we label as toxic to our wellbeing, environments that cause us distress and anxiety, and even negative self talk that poisons our mind. I’m suffering with all of that right now, and the only real solution? The only real chance of getting better by eliminating the toxins in my life?

Push all the shit out.
All of it.

I read a quote from Lewis Howes last week and it spoke so much truth to me that I took a screenshot of it and saved it. He said,

“Eliminate everything in your life that doesn’t support your health, happiness and personal growth.”

Simple, right?
But easy? Hell no.

I’m having a hard time getting healthy now because my body just has way too much toxicity in it, the inflammation will not come down. The normal course of medication hasn’t been working. And if I’m really honest with myself and I take that quote from Lewis Howes as gospel, there are a lot of things that I would change in my life. So, what’s holding me back?

Limited beliefs.
Pressure I’ve put on myself.
Corners I’ve painted myself into financially.

Perhaps 2018 will finally be the year that I live beyond these beliefs and fears of change. Perhaps I live by that motto of Howes, which sounds remarkably similar to the slogan I came up with for my own brand. Perhaps I learn to finally, once and for all, truly put my own health and happiness first.

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