And so it begins….

I wrote briefly about stepping outside my comfort zone this weekend on social media. I took a chance on something I really love, and went for it with all of my heart. I put in the time, effort, practice and personality, and in the end I got up the courage to do a live audition on Sunday to be a barre3 instructor in Toronto.

You may have noticed on my fitness posts that lately I’ve been adding in a lot more barre routine work, and I just can’t get enough of this format of exercise. It’s challenging, athletic, fun and yet beautiful, graceful and musical. It combines everything I enjoy about my yoga practice with the sweat I crave to bust my stress during the work week.

I’d been toying with the idea of teaching live classes for a while now, and really just didn’t have the guts to go after it, but this past month I’ve channelled Gary Vee and reached out to a few instructors in the Toronto area to ask how one goes about getting into being a barre instructor. And lo-and-behold, Gary Vee is a genius, or maybe this was just meant to be, but the lead instructor at barre3 in Toronto replied saying she was holding a recruitment session in the following week and would love to invite me.

So I went to Toronto for the info session, took a class where they observed us as kind of an initial sneaky audition, and was offered the chance to do a real live audition to a piece of choreography the following weekend. I was so excited to be offered this chance, out of a group of dancers, of all things! Me!

I went to the big audition last Sunday, so nervous, so out of my element, but I knew the routine down-pat, I really did. Entering into the studio, putting on the headset, getting in front of the instructor and trying it in a different setting totally threw me. But I regained my composure and made it through the routine. It certainly wasn’t as good as I had it here in my own basement while practicing, but I did my very best, and whatever the outcome, I was just so freaking proud of myself for getting up there and trying.

I’m an engineer by trade. I sit behind a desk all day. I speak with data and numbers. I create presentations and spreadsheets, and I communicate technical information. Let’s just say being energetic, perky and animated aren’t my typical form. So, when I say I was outside my comfort zone, I was WAY outside my comfort zone.

But my desire for something dynamic, positive and more fulfilling was greater than my fear of leaving the safety net of the last 10 years of my life, professionally. I have this huge nagging gravitational pull toward fitness; to be moving – physically moving – during the week. Not just in the mornings before going to work and then sitting on my butt all day after that. I want to be moving, teaching, helping others, and bringing that perky, positive and creative force to the fore.

I don’t know if you can guess what the outcome of this audition process was, but I got through to the intensive training that starts now! I will going through eight weeks of rigorous training to learn how to teach a barre3 class, with what has to be the most professional, quality-oriented, employee-focused studio that I’ve experienced. I am so incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to start training, to start teaching, and to start this new chapter in my life.

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