About Me

My name is Kattie and I’m an Engineer by day and a Fitness and Wellness Coach by night.

I grew up around all things cars and racing, which spawned a passion for motorsports, and the perfect outlet for my engineering education. I spent numerous years on numerous advanced degrees, which landed me at an engineering firm where I built the computational fluid dynamics capability from the ground up.

My second passion developed a little later in life, and that is fitness, nutrition and a holistic approach to health. I’ve suffered my own battles with disease, stress and over-work, and it took me years to find the right balance for my own optimal health. To be completely honest, this is an ever-changing process, because life is fluid. I’m a firm believer that health is 100% individual, and we all need to be empowered and educated in that in order to live our best lives.

I’m always learning about fitness, nutrition and health (mental, emotional and physical), and it’s my goal to bring the best of those worlds to you! All of those years in academia have prepared me well to sift through all the data in the world, and share with you what I’ve found to work.

I’m also a bride-to-be who met her fiancé at (surprise, surprise) a race track. We have a little rescue pup, Max the shih tzu, who is the centre of our world. And when I’m not at work in engineering or wellness, you can find me sipping a large cup of tea, reading books, and watching reruns of Gilmore Girls, all in the comfort of our home.